Extreme tease and denial


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This is a Play where I will remain Dominant over you, but also a Play that can be extremely erotic. To his evident surprise she reaches between her legs, takes him gently in her fingers, and pops him into place. Would you like me to make you mad with desire?

Extreme tease and denial

Do you want to be seduced by me? By now he looks thoroughly used. She guides him to sit parallel to her cleft, and presses his cock against his belly, rocking slowly back and forth.

Extreme tease and denial

Extreme tease and denial

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  1. Brush up against your lover in the kitchen just so, but keep on walking.

  2. His chest and thighs are hatched with livid impact marks and streaks of hardened wax, and his mouth is smeared with lip gloss around the painfully tight bit gag. He is begging her, pleading through the gag.

  3. Kiss your lover passionately just before leaving for work.

  4. The poor thing, already sore and sticky from her earlier vibrator games, quivers as she kneels onto the bed and takes it into her glossy red palm. Straddle your lover and let them feel your weight, just before hopping out of bed.

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