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You can also specify the exact dracut and kernel modules to produce a very tiny initramfs image. Possible values are the same as for keydev.

Dracut man

However, if the "servername" field is not provided, then the "targetname" field is then used in the Discovery Service stage in conjunction with other associated fields. Dracut uses one of the overlay methods of live booting by default.

Dracut man

Dracut man

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  1. For USB devices the full chain of port numbers of hubs is composed. You can also specify the exact dracut and kernel modules to produce a very tiny initramfs image.

  2. For example, you can tell dracut, that you root partition is not on a LVM volume or not on a raid partition, or that it lives inside a specific crypto LUKS encrypted volume.

  3. The dhcp server can also serve an additional root-path, which will set the root device for dracut.

  4. In most cases the "--add" option is what you want to use.

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