Does jainism believe in reincarnation


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Folk Zen generally accepts the various supernatural elements of Buddhism such as rebirth. He is also called Jineswara chief of the Jinas , Arhat, "the venerable", Tirthankara or the saint who has made the passage of the world, Sarvajna omniscient , Bhagavat holy one.

Does jainism believe in reincarnation

Both taint the mind. The soul is frequently viewed as capable of leaving the body through the mouth or the nostrils and of being reborn, for example, as a bird, a butterfly, or an insect. Plato , in the 5th—4th century bce, believed in an immortal soul that participates in frequent incarnations.

Does jainism believe in reincarnation

Does jainism believe in reincarnation

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  1. The 23rd was Parsva who lived from BCE according to some sources. The individual by his own efforts liberates all his latent qualities, which were obscured by foreign elements Karmas.

  2. Continuity without a starting point is Time.

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