Divorcing with an infant


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Divorce is a stressful experience for all members of the family, and young children are particularly vulnerable. You both deserve better, but you won't find it with him.

Divorcing with an infant

You might say even to a baby: Babies and young children are amongst the least capable of voicing their needs, and as such, the onus falls on family law professionals to advocate for the emotional and developmental security of the infant, and to consider these as prime and determining elements in custody matters. Mommy and Daddy have decided to live in different houses.

Divorcing with an infant

Divorcing with an infant

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  1. Post separation parenting arrangements and developmental outcomes for children: My husband was tired and couldn't get comfortable on the couch.

  2. Tomorrow Daddy will be leaving our house and moving to another house.

  3. I was so stress and overwhelmed. My heart breaks reading your experience.

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