Dirty panty vending machine


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Bread - Normandy, France Fresh bread is a basic human right on the Continent. The modern world's demand for instant gratification has led to the introduction of slot machines offering all manner of weird and wonderful goods in unlikely places.

Dirty panty vending machine

The term, like so many others in the Japanese language, comes from the combination of two onomatopoeic words: Kakou, in this case, means that the panties were manufactured to appear used — kind of like the Abercrombie jeans that are sold with holes and frayed edges straight from the factory.

Dirty panty vending machine

Dirty panty vending machine

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  1. One journalist set out to determine the truth.

  2. Bread - Normandy, France Fresh bread is a basic human right on the Continent. Fetish shops selling these types of clothes also started appearing in Japan.

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