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Murray's garden design was inspired by tropical resort holidays. An early glass bowl by Anne Robinson is bathed in a gentle halo, for example, and a tall vase of spoonbill bird of paradise Strelitzia parvifolia turns the dining table into a starburst clock of shadows. This show-stopper of a city garden is all the more extraordinary for what you can't see:

Devonport movies

The porch is fringed with parasols of Brazilian jucara palms Euterpe edulis and South African wild irises Dietes grandiflora peek through the fence palings to offer up their origami flowers to passersby. Sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you- our audience.

Devonport movies

Devonport movies

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  1. The effect is subtle but entrancing. This show-stopper of a city garden is all the more extraordinary for what you can't see:

  2. Like Salvatore in Cinema Paradiso, Murray has been in love with the cinema since he was a boy, screening flicks for the neighbourhood kids in his parents' west Auckland garage.

  3. Jane Ussher Glass louvre windows invite generous views of the garden, with woven roller blinds for respite from the summer sun.

  4. Up the ladder, it was Murray's job to nudge each bulb a fraction to the left, a smidgen to the right.

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