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After several of his friends died in a helicopter crash while deployed in Afghanistan, David honored their memory by tackling the 10 most difficult endurance challenges on Earth to raise funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides college scholarships and grants to the children of fallen special ops soldiers. Your life is now.

David goggins podcast

What to Listen For Who did David Goggins have to invent in order to change his life and how can you do the same thing right now? In addition to being one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, David has had a profound impact on me personally.

David goggins podcast

David goggins podcast

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  2. What to Listen For Who did David Goggins have to invent in order to change his life and how can you do the same thing right now?

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  4. Pushing yourself physically is not just about exercise and getting sweaty.

  5. Because your life is not some future event.

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