Crossdressing panty


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It's so wonderfull to feel the silky nylon on your skin all-day long and the comfort they provide. To wives and girlfriends, may I suggest that these panties would make lovely gifts for the man in your life.

Crossdressing panty

The leg openings are a bit larger that usual making them very comfortable. As another guy noted, these have a bit more room up front than the V Hipster. Very comfortable and just the right cut so I don't haft to readjust them when active.

Crossdressing panty

Crossdressing panty

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  1. I enjoy wearing them. Men's briefs cause a rash between my legs and groin.

  2. The reason for only 4 stars is sizing.

  3. I always held off buying these no reason, but now wish I had these before.

  4. They have plenty of room fro the man package as well. Being a guy over 6' and lbs a size 7 was a perfect fit.

  5. I know some ladys thang man wear lady pants!

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