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M close ratio, and the extra heavy duty close ratio" M, also known as the "Rock Crusher". All parts pictured are included in this kit. I am sorry but, the double OD will never happen in a Muncie.

Craigslist org muncie

The M has "straight cut" gears. These are made in Italy by the same people who make our M22 line of gears. New Auto Gear Shift Shafts that accept all year shift levers.

Craigslist org muncie

Craigslist org muncie

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  1. This is so that 2nd gear can be cut wider. The small parts kit comes with these retainer rings.

  2. Muncie General Motors 4-speed longitudinal transmissions were developed in three distinct models — The Muncie M20 wide ratio manual transmission, the Muncie M21 close ratio manual transmission and the Muncie M22 heavy-duty close ratio manual transmission. This unit has been rebuilt at our state of the art facility.

  3. Superior quality over the original OEM side cover.

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