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Behind your griping, the authors say, are two issues: You probably know to avoid company or industry jargon and acronyms, even if your customers have been around for a while. The other person responds with a yes-but, and you meet it with yet another deflection.

Conversation killer

Anyway, Jimmy's on probation because his last project evaluation was off by so much they had to reconfigure the budget at the last second to account for his projects, and he's so nervous that Henderson is gonna fire him that he throws up. Here's why interrupting is so toxic and how you can become more likable by breaking the habit. Right, right, right, right, right, right.

Conversation killer

Conversation killer

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  1. I was at this amusement park, but instead of tickets, you got on the rides by paying them in fingers, so I kept giving my fingers away until I had no fingers, and I was on a roller coaster, but I flew out and I couldn't hold onto the track to keep from falling because I had no fingers, and when I fell to the ground I landed in the lake by the water flume and you rowed up to me and gave me new hands.

  2. And people like talking about themselves, so sure, all you're trying to do is get the ball rolling. If someone you want physically tells you they had a sex dream about you, that's a good thing.

  3. When you're in a better frame of mind, put your feelings into words, set a productive goal for your communication, and express your feelings to the other person in a way that meets your goal.

  4. The best tactic is to leave out your opinion and just move straight to the question. Avoid interrupting people and you'll enjoy more of the benefits of being a likable person.

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