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Roll-on acceleration was fearsome. Mat Chambers is also looking for distributors in other countries, with a view to starting exports in the near future. The Hellcat was, reported Roland, 'a Vincent on steroids,' an 'in-yer-face, hard-charging bruiser of a bike'.

Confederate speedo

Neat touches include the tiny oil temperature gauge in the front of the fuel tank, and the rear brake pedal with its drilled pattern of the Confederate flag. I'd pulled up alongside a group of riders, killed the big V-twin motor, leant the bike against its sidestand and headed towards the door. Roll-on acceleration was fearsome.

Confederate speedo

Confederate speedo

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  1. Suspension was reasonably soft, with over mm of travel at each end, so the ride at slow speeds was comfortable. The first motor was very smooth for a solidly-mounted V-twin, giving the whole bike a very sweet, free-revving feel at most speeds.

  2. But instead, the riding position left my arms stretched out to the wide, quite low bars, my body lent slightly forward from the low seat, and feet well forward. Vincent flats and rearset pegs would fit the black bike's image.

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