Christian pen pals north america


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I like the Gaithers, nature, reading, club pogo, cooking, well i have a variety of interest. I am a married southern christian lady in the United States looking for female pen pals only.

Christian pen pals north america

I am married and in my fourties with one daughter and thought it would be nice to link up with some women e-pals. One social worker even took time from her busy schedule to write monthly letters to us telling about special activities at the Home.

Christian pen pals north america

Christian pen pals north america

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  1. Letters, Love And Prayers: Results of the Project Most of the children have never received answers to their letters and cards, but what excitement when someone has gotten a response!

  2. Shamseh Dalack, and asked her for the name of a lady who might enjoy receiving cards and letters.

  3. Little did I know at that time that the seeds of love were being planted in the hearts of my little ones and that a wonderful experience was about to begin for all concerned.

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