Christian crossdressers


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It is not a nice comment, so be warned: So please look at these as things to consider, not a condemnation. Almost every resource I found said that cross-dressing could not be cured.

Christian crossdressers

I was typical of many male to female cross-dressers in that in all other areas of life, I was masculine in appearance and actions. I loved the Lord more than I loved the urge to cross-dress, so I made a decision to get Christian-based help.

Christian crossdressers

Christian crossdressers

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  1. Their safe haven provided me with the outlet I needed to be me, and I thank God for them for continuing to provide that outlet should any new Sister need it. I have been greatly helped by other bloggers, organizations, and articles which I have posted links to.

  2. Leanne Payne has written a wonderful book, Crisis in Masculinity, which describes the healing prayer process.

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