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Chappale's total imprisonment term was therefore 60 years to life plus years in state prison. Counts 1 to 6 When S. Generally, for purposes of timeliness, a felony prosecution is commenced when an information or indictment is filed, when a defendant is arraigned on a felony complaint, or when an arrest warrant or bench warrant is issued.


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  1. When they arrived at the home, [Chappale] was not there.

  2. She explained she had been caught smoking cigarettes.

  3. This subdivision provides that for certain sex offenses, including section , where the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the offense, the prosecution may be commenced at any time prior to the victim's 28th birthday. Thereafter, in a bifurcated proceeding, the court found true the prior serious felony conviction and prior prison term allegations.

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