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When they get together and get to know each other intimately, they will learn what it means to relax. To Capricorn this may seem as if someone literally touched their heart and they will probably never want to let their Taurus partner go.

Capricorn match

The recognition they crave is generally more of the worldly, material variety and they are suckers for status-related items like fancy cars, designer suits, or fine watches. Taurus is not interested in risking more than is necessary in terms of emotional connection and involvement, and Capricorn is similarly disinterested in risk, but more in terms of money and career. The Fish is another sign that is compatible with the Capricorn native, as per Capricorn best compatibility.

Capricorn match

Capricorn match

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  1. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! While the Lions are very affectionate, they love praise and can be somewhat egoistical at times, which tends to put off the Capricorn native.

  2. In return, Capricorn will help Taurus deal with responsibility and teach them how to reach their goals with no distracting emotions. The Libra man is a social butterfly, while Capricorn prefers the company of family and a few close friends.

  3. Both Earth signs, they share the same traditional values and work ethic while managing to hit it off between the sheets. Although Virgo does not share the intensity of the Capricorn's sexual appetite, the comfortable nature of the relationship means that both partners are open to experimentation in the bedroom.

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