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Putting your cigarette out on your bottom's body… advanced; best to not puff on your cigarette for one minutes before so doing. The glamorous aspect of women' smoking traditionally has had wide appeal, among the general population as well as among those who find it sexually arousing. Like any fetish, the causes and mechanisms of a smoking fetish vary widely, with roots of sexual association in early childhood and adolescence.


I suggested the following: Having him kiss and lick the length of the cigarette while you're smoking it in your mouth….



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  1. Sub-fetishes may include specific cigarette brands, types corks, lengths , or holders often with the woman wearing gloves.

  2. Sub-fetishes may include specific cigarette brands, types corks, lengths , or holders often with the woman wearing gloves.

  3. Forcing your bottom to hold in the inhaled cigarette smoke… advanced. Letting the cigarette ash cool in your hand then feeding it to your bottom….

  4. In addition to free sites, often containing scans from magazines or candid pictures, there are a number of 'professional' sites offering DVDs and VHS tapes of trained models who smoke in front of the camera.

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