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There are few things worse than wandering around an unfamiliar city holding it in… So, save your bladder with Sit or Squat , a free app that lists 95, bathrooms worldwide! Sometimes you just want to relax with a partner or a group.

Best female apps

For those app aficionados out there, the best feature is that it can sync with TripIt to obtain personal info and your itinerary! Want to find the perfect female travel partner?

Best female apps

Best female apps

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  1. Users rate their experiences with a Sit thumbs up or Squat so-so and can even upload their photos to give other travelers a hint as to bathroom quality. Discover top places as well as hidden gems sourced from travel editors and fellow travelers and create your day-by-day trip plan directly in the app.

  2. One thing I love is that Sygic automatically calculates and displays travel time between attractions.

  3. Download offline maps and guides for your destination to keep on track even in the most remote areas. Sometimes you just want to relax with a partner or a group.

  4. Rescuer is a revolutionary and hands-free safety alert app that allows smartphone users to text the location, pictures, and audio of the scene to emergency contacts with a personalized voice keyphrase.

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