Best christmas day animation movies


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Whether your idea of a yo-ho-ho hit is a black and white classic or a wise-cracking animation, there is something for everyone. Featuring a newer version of the Bing Crosby classic from Holiday Inn, the musical sees a music act team up with two sister to help their former military commander save his lodge.

Best christmas day animation movies

The little girl also genuinely believed it was Santa. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer The stop motion animagic version of the classic tale is a must see with the kids. Read More New on Netflix December

Best christmas day animation movies

Best christmas day animation movies

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  1. There's even a bit of a twist.

  2. It's all about poor little Gizmo and his overwhelming guilt. The Bishop's Wife Cary Grant is at peak cutness as the guardian angel who responds to a desperate soul's call.

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