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The entire episode is shot from Frank's perspective. When Hwang chokes in front of him, Frank laughs and eats his sandwich

Being frank always sunny

The darker humour works for the show when it's in the service of the outlandish plot or its characters, but the mean-spirited attitude of this episode didn't land, and it seemed like a new writer feeling out the "edgy" humour of Sunny and writing as many mean things as he can for the character. This episode was penned by longtime contributor Scott Marder, but you certainly wouldn't think so. The gang minus Frank dress up as security guards.

Being frank always sunny

Being frank always sunny

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  1. It's a blatant reversal of Frank's character, and only seemed to service what this particular story needed rather than uphold previously established personality traits. The fact that he's implied to have a brain tumor goes some way towards explaining this.

  2. Come back to this show. Frank undergoes one after eating dog treats laced with sedatives.

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