Barren grounds


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It was once managed under lease by the RAOU Birdlife Australia and had an operating bird observatory that consisted of a visitor information centre, wardens house and accommodation. This section of trail and this time of year must surely be the best place in Australia to see this normally elusive species.

Barren grounds

However, at Barren Grounds, they run across tracks and drink from puddles out in the open. One of the park rangers approached and asked me to leave.

Barren grounds

Barren grounds

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  1. Outside of breeding season you more like to hear their sharp alarm zeet zeet call, which I reckon sounds somewhat similar to the alarm call given by New Holland Honeyeater.

  2. It was mostly raining when I was there. Despite this, in fact because of this, it's a wonderful place.

  3. Again, luckily, it re-landed on the track about feet further down. So that's every state that they occur in Australia.

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