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Australia mandurah

Go prawning on the rivers in early summer. It is a major fishing and crabbing area in Western Australia, with the city well known for the blue manna crab Portunus pelagicus with a festival held in early March known as Crabfest. Media[ edit ] Mandurah lies at the southern end of the Perth TV licence area, and is close to the regional Western Australia licence area.

Australia mandurah

Australia mandurah

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  1. Perth's community television station, West TV , does not have a translator in Mandurah.

  2. Meadow Springs is a public course inhabited by kangaroos. Like neighbouring settlements Bunbury and Rockingham dolphins and whales frequent the city annually and dolphin and whale watching are a popular pastime.

  3. Go crabbing in the shallows to scoop the famous blue swimmer crab.

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