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Feel free to come and talk to us any time, we are not just here to teach a class, we are here for you! Since then she has dedicated time, energy, and passion to become a better dancer.

Asian west coast swing open

She thus stopped dancing and discovered a passion for Yoga practice until she injured herself and started to learn Salsa on2. Michelle started dancing Salsa in in the early days of the dance and has been hooked ever since.

Asian west coast swing open

Asian west coast swing open

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  1. While he initially started off learning WCS with the intent of adding to his repertoire of Salsa patterns, Barry quickly gained more interest and passion for WCS, the community, culture, how versatile it was being able to dance to almost any song on the radio, and ultimately made the switch from Salsa to WCS. Bugis Street, named after the legendary seafaring merchants from the Island of Sulawesi, was once a notorious area of Singapore.

  2. Facilities We invite you to unwind in our swimming pool, relax with a sauna or pamper yourself with a spa treatment. Michelle started dancing Salsa in in the early days of the dance and has been hooked ever since.

  3. This is optional for our attendants and the hotel will charge accordingly.

  4. She exemplifies the pure, unadulterated joy of simply moving to the music. She greatly believes that anybody can dance, and strives to teach every student that.

  5. Our restaurant is an ideal spot for a family dinner, a business lunch or a get-together with friends.

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