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If you cheated in the Online Assessment, it will come to light during the retest, at the very latest. If the aim of a test is to determine abilities such as concentration, logical conclusions or text comprehension, we refer to them as performance tests. At the end of the test, the points are calculated to give the final result.


Members can access any service provider of their preference locally and within East Africa within the panel of providers. Usually, specific actions need to be performed in order to be able to move on to the next part of the instructions.



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  1. Online Assessment has some very clear benefits in comparison to traditional assessments:

  2. What types of tests are there?

  3. We also own the copyright in the information and material on this website or we have the right to use it under a license or agreement. Well done, you have completed all the tasks.

  4. If there was no time limit, all applicants would get all answers right and therefore all results would be the same, making the test a waste of time.

  5. The automated evaluation of results saves both time and money. You agree to indemnify us, our directors, employees, agents, contractors and related entities for any loss suffered, or any costs that may be incurred arising from your breach of these terms or any other legal obligation, or your access to this website.

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