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All peptides were diluted in complete culture medium to the desired concentrations just before use. The corrosion of aluminum current collector in lithium ion batteries is one of the possible factors that affect the long-term performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries.


The time-pH-variant electrochemical response was ascribed to the change of passive film and electric double layer properties. Erythrocytes were washed three times in 10 volumes of PBS each time.



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  1. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy confirmed that the pH of cathode slurry was the only factor that influence the surface composition of aluminum.

  2. Antibodies to EBA aa—96 can be induced in mice by immunization.

  3. This washing procedure was done after each of the following incubation steps: The influence of extrinsic factors, including the alkaline solution and the anodic potential, and intrinsic factors, such as the surface chemical adsorption of anions, chemical state of passive films and dissolubility of electrolytes, on the corrosion kinetics of AA in slightly alkaline Li2SO4 and LiNO3 electrolytes are revealed.

  4. AA is susceptible to crystallographic pitting corrosion in Li2SO4 electrolytes. The EBA aa—96 peptide sequence from EBA induced antibody formation in mice after conjugation of the peptide with purified protein derivative.

  5. Among these, the proteins that participate in the sequence of events leading to invasion include MSP-1, which possibly mediates initial contact between merozoites and erythrocytes, and EBA, a micronemal protein, which binds to erythrocytes and may be involved in junction formation.

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